Pathways to a Basic Income

Every other year researchers, scholars, policy makers and politicians from different parts of the world get together to discuss alternatives that could lead to the promotion and implementation of an elementary principle of social justice: the guarantee of a monetary income. Ideas, experiences and new designs for public policies will be addressed by specialists and several guests for three days.

The 14th Congress of the Basic Income Earth Network will take place from September 14th to September 16nd, at the Wolf-Ferrari-Haus in Ottobrunn near Munich. The congress main theme deals with pathways to a basic income.

We recommend that you register for the conference early because of the limited number of available places available. If you need more information, please contact us.

You will find a live-stream of congress all congress presentations in Festsaal here.




Michael Detzel, Barbara Dietze, Jerome Drees, Johannes Karwath, Uwe Kerkeritz, Martin Kozerski, Ingmar Kumpmann, Owen McCaffrey, Rita Möllney, Ursula Schmid, Bruno & Siglinde Nagel, Söhner and B. Söhner, Katarina Stahlmann, Eva Stilz, Jan van Aken, Monika Weckenbrock, Berhard Wider, Ruth Juliane Zimmermann