The cost of this conference cannot be covered by the registration fees. We were therefore dependent on donations in order to carry out the congress with its importance to the international level accordingly. The donations were passed for payment to Verein zur Förderung des bedingungslosen Grundeinkommens e. V. (state-approved as charitable) and used exclusively for financing the congress.

We would like to thank the below and (if desired) unnamed donors, supporters and sponsors.



Michael Detzel, Barbara Dietze, Jerome Drees, Johannes Karwath, Uwe Kerkeritz, Martin Kozerski, Ingmar Kumpmann, Owen McCaffrey, Rita Möllney, Ursula Schmid, Bruno & Siglinde Nagel, Söhner and B. Söhner, Katarina Stahlmann, Eva Stilz, Jan van Aken, Monika Weckenbrock, Berhard Wider, Ruth JulianeZimmermann

Overview about revenue and expenditure

Revenue: 58.112,96€

25.000,00 Founding & Donations more than 1000 €

30.736,08 Registration fees & Donations lower than 1000 €

886,00 Books for sale

934,68 Grant of Netzwerk Grundeinkommen

556,20 Other revenue

Expenditure: 58.112,96€

8.364,74 Rental of rooms

2.037,88 Beamer & IT-Equipment

4.271,81 Public Relations (Web & Print)

2.859,74 Congress materials

17.460,92 Translations

5.783,00 Staff

7.978,95 Travel and accommodation costs

7.938,48 Catering

703,33 Books

75,00 Cancellations

639,11 Other expenditure