The congress is structured according to the three subject areas previously described and which are subdivided by three different perspectives.Analysis and critique will have priority on the first day and will be viewed as a type of stocktaking. Building on that, the second congress day will deal with the various strategies and implementation possibilities in puncto basic income. On the third congress day, Perspectives will provide the opportunity to discuss and vote on concrete alliances, actions and academic as well as political proposals. Events take place during four time blocks on the first two congress days: On Friday there are two one and a half hour blocks for workshops, parallel sessions and special sessions, as well as two blocks for overlapping subject areas, each for a large podium (open plenary session and plenary session). On Saturday there are three one and a half hour blocks for workshops, parallel sessions and special sessions and a block for overlapping subject areas for two to three large podiums (small plenary sessions). On the last day there are two one and a half hour blocks: one for workshops, parallel sessions and special sessions, and one for a concluding podium (closing plenary session).

It is intended to provide simultaneous German-English interpretation during the larger events. The congress will strive for gender parity among the lecturers.

Pre-Conference Day

The Pre-Conference Day on Thursday, 9 September 2012, focuses on the basic income debate in the German language and will serve as a communication exchange, as well as for the intercommunication among the various actors. The International and National Round Table Basic Income will substantially help to shape it in regards to content related to the action days, which will take place before the congress. The action days should make use of certain public actions and events - among others the vision of "A City with a Basic Income" - to thematize the issue. A Future Workshop on the basic income and a Market for Opportunities are planned for the Pre-Conference Day, in addition to the OMNIBUS for Direct Democracy.